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Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are in trouble with the law or your son or daughter has been charged with a juvenile crime, you need a lawyer who knows how to get results. I am McKinney criminal defense attorney Matthew Maddox. My law firm is focused exclusively on criminal defense for adults and juveniles accused of felony or misdemeanor crimes in Collin County, Texas, and the communities of McKinney, Plano, Frisco and Allen.

I am passionate about helping people who are struggling with issues that seemingly dominate their entire lives. I know what it's like to be in trouble, which is why I work to get you out of trouble as quickly as possible. Give me a call: 972-373-3635.

A Skilled Negotiator And Aggressive Litigator

I believe that the best attorneys know how to fight and when to do it. I am an experienced litigator who really enjoys advocating aggressively for my clients in court. But I'm also a skilled negotiator working early and behind the scenes to get you the best possible outcome as soon as possible.

My goal is to alleviate your stress and give you peace of mind. I always keep you well-informed of what you can expect to face, and what strategy I will use to fight criminal charges. Contact my office today.


I take your future and your freedom seriously. Trust in a criminal lawyer who will fight for the best result — trust in The Maddox Law Firm.

Safeguarding Your

Rights And Fighting For Your Freedom

One criminal conviction can derail your entire future. Even a minor criminal charge can have lasting consequences, and without an experienced defense attorney your rights may be infringed upon. I passionately represent clients facing a wide range of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges for:

  • DWI and drunk driving charges
  • Drug charges involving marijuana, heroin and other illegal substances
  • Theft crimes such as robbery or shoplifting
  • Violent crimes like assault, battery or domestic violence
  • Sex crimes

I also help my clients who qualify for it to secure an expungement to clear a criminal record or receive an order of non-disclosure to prevent others (like future employers) from seeing charges on their criminal record.

Youth Crime

I take your future and your freedom seriously. Trust in a criminal lawyer who will fight for the best result — trust in The Maddox Law Firm.

Trusted Guidance for

Juveniles Accused of a Crime

Few things are as terrifying to a parent as a child under arrest for a crime. You see all their hard work – all your hard work – going down the drain. What will this mean to their future?

I know it's scary, take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and give me a call. As a juvenile crimes lawyer, I can make a difference in your son or daughter's life. When you walk out of my office, you will have a better understanding of the problem and you'll see a path forward.

I represent juveniles accused of crimes in juvenile or adult courts, including:

  • Juvenile drug crimes
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Criminal trespass and criminal mischief
  • Car theft or joyriding
  • Shoplifting
  • Juvenile probation violations
  • And more

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

The criminal justice system can be intimidating, and you may not know what to do next. Read our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in Texas criminal law.

  • When do the police have to advise me of my rights?
    The police only have to issue a "Miranda" warning if you are both formally in custody and are being interrogated. It is crucial to understand these two points because the police can use anything you say against you — even before you have heard your rights — as long as these two conditions are not in place.
  • Is it okay to talk to the police if I am innocent of the charges?
    No. The best rule to follow when interacting with police is to remain silent until you have consulted with an experienced defense lawyer. Innocent people end up convicted all the time because of nervous mistakes they make when answering police questions. Something you say can be taken out of context. Something you forget to say can be seen as an evasion of the truth. Do not take chances with your future.
  • What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?
    A misdemeanor is usually defined as a crime that is punishable by no more than a year in jail. Any crime that is punishable by a year or longer in prison is usually a felony. Generally speaking, there are many levels of both misdemeanor and felony charges and a broad array of possible punishments meant to fit the crime.
  • Is it possible to defend against a drunk driving charge if I fail the breathalyzer test?
    Absolutely. Breathalyzer tests are notoriously inaccurate and can be affected by everything from the way the machine was calibrated to whether or not you have recently taken some cold medicine. In addition, it is often possible to attack the basis, or "probable cause," of the traffic stop in the first place. No case is utterly hopeless.
  • I couldn’t be happier with my experience, they’re great friendly people who genuinely care and are super easy to work with!

    laeney armstrong Avatar
    laeney armstrong
  • You're such a brilliant and awesome lawyer. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I've hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I've ever worked with. Mathew cares a lot and always makes you feel like your priority number one until your case is over. Thank you so much you are the best and you rock!

    Kevin Cantu Avatar
    Kevin Cantu
  • If you are looking for competent professionals who listen and provide great service. This is the attorney you want standing up for you. Matthew and Angie held my hand and walked me through a really tough time in my life and I am forever greatful. They are an incredible team. Thank you both.

    Rochelle Montgomery Avatar
    Rochelle Montgomery
  • I have always heard that things happen for a reason and people are placed in your life for a reason. In this instance it was made true. I am dearly blessed and filled with joy to of had MADDOX LAW standing with me and fighting for me through my divorce and child custody.Mr. Maddox and Angie are amazing in every way such as inspiration and walking me through the process. They are well rounded with knowledge and uplifting words when the road was bumpy. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND.! Five stars and above. Thanks again.!!!!

    Liv DeGrate Avatar
    Liv DeGrate
  • I’m so Thankful I found the The Maddox Law Firm !
    They are the most professional people I meet. They will help you with everything payments & will get you the lowest charge!
    So He will be my Lawyer of Choice for Any crime you are in ! He even works with teenagers cases to ! 💯🖤❤️💙🔥

    Tamara Hall Avatar
    Tamara Hall
  • John N Couldn't be happier with Maddox law firm. Got my case dismissed.

    John N Avatar
    John N
  • Mathew Maddox and his team are in my opinion the best way to go for a Collin county attorney. Great people and easy to work with. Very honest and get the job done. They worked wonders for me.

    Kyle Martin Avatar
    Kyle Martin
  • I am so grateful to Maddox Law Firm for all of their time & effort in my case. I was potentially facing life in prison so my life was literally in their hands. My outcome couldn't have turned out better. I appreciate Matt and Angie for going above and beyond. Their amazing people to have on your side!! Thank y’all soo much!

    Lily Truong Avatar
    Lily Truong
  • Justin W. Maddox law firm has went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us out!! And has helped my wife better her self!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I am so very blessed to have found them!!

    Justin W. Avatar
    Justin W.
  • Kyle N Mr. Maddox and his staff were wonderful. they went the extra mile to answer any and all questions I had and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend the Maddox law firm.

    Kyle N Avatar
    Kyle N
  • Brook G. Matt and his staff were incredibly helpful and saw me through a difficult time. I would highly recommend them!

    Brook G. Avatar
    Brook G.

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