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Protecting You From Long-Term Consequences Of A Misdemeanor

We are all human beings who make mistakes — sometimes a series of mistakes. Whatever circumstances or actions led to you facing misdemeanor charges, it's important to keep in mind that a misdemeanor conviction may be more serious than you think.

It's a common feeling when charged with a crime to want to get out of trouble as soon as possible and move on with life. Your main priority may be to avoid jail time. So when you are presented with a plea deal that includes no jail time, you may be tempted to take it. However, pleading guilty in the deal would leave a misdemeanor conviction on your record — even if it seems the penalties have lessened. There are long-term consequences of being convicted of a misdemeanor in Texas.

What Are The Repercussions Of A Misdemeanor Conviction?

A misdemeanor on your record can impact the following areas for years to come:

  • Job prospects: Many employers will not hire candidates with a misdemeanor on their record after conducting a criminal background check.
  • Housing: Renting or leasing a place to live can be difficult to impossible as many landlords check criminal backgrounds before approving your lease.
  • Financial aid for college: A drug-related crime automatically makes you ineligible to receive any federal financial aid for college for a set number of years. This could cause you to not graduate on time, or force you to drop out altogether and not complete your education.

Standing Up For You And Your Future

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