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Possession of a Vape Pen, Drug Paraphernalia or THC

Juvenile Vape Pen Defense Lawyer

Almost 1 in 4 teenagers use e-cigs or “vape.” Every teen knows they can't legally buy cigarettes, but vaping? Teens (and lots of adults) don't think it's a problem. In Texas, vape shops can set up right across the street from schools.

Unfortunately, vaping isn't a harmless activity when it comes to health, or the law. School authorities and law enforcement have come down hard on juveniles in possession of a vape pen, just like they have with other drug paraphernalia. 

In order to safeguard teen's health, Texas schools have taken punitive steps against students that could have serious consequences for their future. Students face suspension or expulsion for possession of a vape pen because it might have been used for drugs, even if the school doesn't have a way to prove that.

If traces of THC from marijuana (flower) are found in a vape pen in a student's possession — or if they have marijuana or another form of THC in their possession — the student could face juvenile drug charges

  • Even if they didn't smoke marijuana but someone else used their vape pen to smoke it.  
  • Even if the vape pen belonged to someone else but was in their possession.

I'm Matthew Maddox, a juvenile criminal defense attorney representing young people charged with marijuana possession in McKinney, TX. For 15 years, I've been defending the rights and freedoms of young people facing juvenile criminal charges in Collin County. 

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Best Possible Outcome in Drug Vaping & Paraphernalia Cases

I understand the challenges young people face, and how circumstances and poor decisions can lead to lifelong consequences. I do everything I can to protect their educational and employment future. 

Most school vaping cases will stay within the school setting. If a student is found using, possessing or selling a controlled substance like marijuana (or THC in other forms), state law requires that the student be expelled from their school. The student could wind up in a harsh disciplinary school that is part of the juvenile justice system. 

But school districts are supposed to consider mitigating factors. That's where I can help parents negotiate with the school district to keep their child in a familiar school setting so their education isn't derailed. 

Some school vaping cases will end up in the juvenile justice system and the young person will need legal defense. My goal in juvenile drug cases is to get the best possible outcome that does the least harm to their future choices. That could be a strong defense in court that proves your child's innocence. Or it could be drug testing, a diversion program, probation and community service, or addiction treatment.

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If your son or daughter was arrested at school for possession of a vape pen or other drug paraphernalia used with marijuana, call my office: 972-546-2496 or contact me online. I can help you understand the issues and what we can do to protect your child's future.

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