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Teens who share drugs may be held responsible for related crimes

Because of advances in technology, it's easier for teens in Texas and elsewhere in the country seeking controlled substances to find ways to do so. While marijuana and alcohol are still the main substances illegally obtained by teens, some young people within this age group are also experimenting with prescription drugs, potent narcotics, and various street drugs. Teens typically obtain drugs by pooling their money together, getting them from a friend who has access to drugs, or stealing prescription drugs from medicine cabinets at home.

Regardless of how drugs are obtained, teens sharing them with others can be charged with serious drug crimes. It's also possible for charges to be brought against anyone who may be considered a party to drug-related crime, including victims' friends, siblings, and parents who may have had knowledge of drug-related activities. For instance, one teen and two classmates faced murder charges after LSD passed along to a friend resulted in a fatal OD.

Can you get a DWI for driving while hungover?

Waking up after a night out drinking can be painful. However, the situation can get much worse for people who drive before their blood alcohol content (BAC) is back down to zero. Drivers who get in a vehicle while hungover might receive a “day after DUI.”

Day after DUIs received their name, because they occur the next morning after a driver was under the influence of alcohol the night before. While people tend to assume that a good night's sleep is enough to reduce the body’s BAC, this is not always the case. It can take up to 90 minutes for a person’s BAC to drop to zero after one alcoholic drink. Depending on the amount of drinks you have the night before, your BAC could be much higher than you think when you start driving the next morning.

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