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Sexual Assault Lawyer Defending Your Rights

The Stakes Are High After A Sex Crime Arrest

Merely being charged with a sexually based offense can have life-altering consequences. Many charges are based entirely on witness statements alone, which means innocent people get wrongfully charged all the time. False allegations are not uncommon.

Whether you are innocent or merely had a lapse in judgment, you need a compassionate and assertive defense — and you need it fast. I am attorney Matthew Maddox of Maddox Law, and I know what's at stake for you. I can offer you a candid assessment of your situation and an energetic, forceful defense that pays attention to every detail of your case.

The Problems Faced By Those Convicted Of Sex Crimes

Prosecutors are aggressive about sex crimes and have tremendous resources at their disposal. You may face multiple charges for a single encounter — which can result in multiple sentences if you are convicted. Any conviction makes jail time a real possibility.

With a sex crime conviction, however, your punishment never really ends. Even if you go to jail, you may still face significant restrictions once you are released due to mandatory sex offender registration laws.

The Texas Public Sex Offender Registry is an open record. Your status will be available to your friends, family and neighbors. Depending on the nature of your conviction, you may face numerous additional restrictions, including:

  • The inability to live or work anywhere near children
  • The inability to visit a day care, school, park or athletic field
  • The inability to obtain a professional license in your field
  • Sharp limitations on the type of career you may have
  • Regular drug and alcohol screenings
  • Limitations on your contact with minors, even in your own family
  • Limited access to the internet
  • The inability to purchase or own a firearm
  • Mandatory sex offender counseling

In reality, the state has a tremendous ability to reach into nearly every aspect of your life and take control if you are convicted of a sex crime. This makes a determined, passionate defense a must.

Get A Defense Attorney Who Knows How To Fight

If you have been charged with a sex crime, skilled representation is a must. You can count on me to stand by you and put the full force of my 15 plus years of experience and attention to detail behind your defense. You will never find a lawyer who will fight harder for you. Call my office in McKinney today for representation at 972-546-2496 or contact me online at your convenience.

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