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Drug Charges

Don't Let A Drug Charge Wreck Your Life

Every drug charge has the potential to upend your life and change your future. While felony charges are obviously more challenging, even misdemeanor drug charges can still result in fines, jail time, loss of career, and a damaged reputation.

I am a passionate criminal defense lawyer who believes that every case deserves the same aggressive response and attention to detail, no matter what the charge. I am attorney Matthew Maddox of Maddox Law, and I can offer you a sincere understanding of your situation, compassionate guidance and a powerful defense.

The Harsh Realities Of A Drug Conviction

No matter what charge you are facing, no matter what stage of life you are in, a drug conviction has the potential to drastically impact your life:

  • Your driver's license can be suspended.
  • You can lose the right to possess a firearm.
  • Your assets can be seized under forfeiture laws.
  • You can be excluded from subsidized housing.
  • You may lose the right to vote, run for public office or serve on a jury.
  • If you are a student, you can lose your entitlement for federal financial aid.
  • You can lose the security clearance you have for your current job or have your professional license revoked.
  • Your record may make it difficult for you to find a job in the future.

These are the reasons that it's important to get a seasoned defense attorney in your corner. Whether you are charged with something like simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, a prescription drug offense, or something like drug trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution, you want a defender who will put you in the best position possible to avoid these kinds of penalties.

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You never want to look back on your drug case and wish that you had chosen an attorney who would have fought harder. I make sure my clients never have that experience. I never leave my clients in the dark about their chances, and I fight to win.

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