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Protecting the Future of Juveniles Accused of Crimes

You got a phone call or a visit to your home that you NEVER expected and learned that your son or daughter is suspected of committing a juvenile crime. Like most parents in your situation, you likely feel overwhelmed with worry about your child's future.

Will one stupid decision or youthful mistake ruin their chances for college or a decent job? Not if I have anything to say about it.

I'm juvenile criminal lawyer Matthew Maddox of Maddox Law. I am passionate about protecting the rights and futures of young people in McKinney, and surrounding communities of Plano, Frisco and Allen, TX.

Fighting For Your Child's Future and Freedom

If your child is facing juvenile criminal charges,you need answers, and you need them quick. Call my office today: 972-546-2496.

Being charged with a juvenile crime is a serious matter and it can have long-term consequences. But don't let the words of the criminal charge overwhelm you. There is always something that can be done to improve the situation. There is a path forward.

If your son or daughter is under age 17, their case will almost always be handled in the juvenile justice system, which offers more options. I can explain those to you when we meet. I'll take a look at the whole picture and explain, realistically, what is likely to happen with the case. I will explain your options and share with you the steps we can take to protect your child's freedom and future.

Juvenile Criminal Charges

I defend juveniles charged with crimes in juvenile or adult criminal courts in Collin County, TX, including:

I understand how juvenile criminal charges can affect a young person's life.

  • A drug crime conviction for possession of marijuana or sharing prescription drugs with friends could prevent your child from attending a church school or being allowed to live in a school dorm.
  • Young people's sexual relationships can sometimes get turned into a “sex crime” because of age differences or family distress. In a worse-case scenario, that could lead to sex offender registration.
  • The terms of probation can be so time consuming and tedious that a young person violates probation and winds up in court, facing harsher penalties.

I fight vigorously for my clients every step of the way: getting charges dropped, keeping cases in the juvenile system, getting first-time offenders into diversion programs, and providing a strong defense in court.

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Come into my office to talk. You will leave with much greater understanding of the juvenile justice system and the road ahead, and you'll have hope for your child's future.

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