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Defense for Juveniles Possession of Prescription Drugs

Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

It's a shock when you get a call from the police telling you your son or daughter has been arrested for possessing or selling drugs. You need immediate legal help. I'm juvenile criminal defense attorney Matthew Maddox. I've been defending people in McKinney, Texas criminal courts for more than 15 years. It's my life's work and I'm passionate about protecting the futures of young people. 

A juvenile prescription drug crime conviction can change a young life. Whether your child was arrested because he made some bad choices or because she was running with the wrong friends and ended up holding the bag, they need a strong defense. That's what I'll give them. Call Maddox Law at 972-546-2496.

Juvenile in Possession of Prescription Drugs

Even though prescription drugs are legal, there are several ways your young person can get themselves in trouble with them. 

If they were caught in possession of prescription drugs that weren't their own – maybe it was yours, maybe it belonged to a friend – they could face criminal charges for Drug Possession. 

It's illegal for your child to give their prescription drug to someone else. They might not realize this. After all, it's their pill. They might think they're doing their friend a favor by sharing their Adderall or Ritalin. Or maybe they know mom or dad takes Xanax for anxiety so they took a few to school. Sharing a prescription drug – even if no money changes hands – can still be charged as a prescription drug crime for Drug Distribution. 

Some kids do know what they're doing is illegal. They're hoping to make some money selling prescription pills – amphetamines or opiates. They may have larger amounts in their possession. They could face multiple drug crime charges for Possession of Prescription Drugs, Possession with Intent to Sell, Drug Sales, and Distribution of Drugs. 

Protecting Your Child's Future in Prescription Drug Cases

Don't give up hope. I will fight to get your child a second chance.

  • For a first offense of possession of prescription drugs, the juvenile court judge may sentence a young person to probation or community service or a diversion program. 
  • More serious drugs, larger amounts, multiple charges and the young person could be facing time in a juvenile facility. Young people who get involved with drugs often have a drug problem themselves. More than time in juvie, they need help. We may be able to get your child into a drug treatment program. I can advise you of available drug treatment programs in Collin County.

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When you meet with me, you will leave with a better understanding of the criminal charges, what could happen in juvenile court, a strategy for fighting the charges, and hope. Call 972-546-2496 or contact me online. 

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