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Don’t Let a Juvenile Drug Possession Charge Limit Your Child’s Future

Your son's school found marijuana in his locker. You got a visit from the police because someone said your daughter gave their child a prescription pill … just to try. Your child was out with friends, they got in a car accident and drugs were found in the car.

Peer pressure, the urge to experiment, fitting in with the crowd … there are lots of ways that young people can find themselves in compromising situations facing juvenile drug possession, possession of a vape pen with traces of THC, drug distribution or juvenile drug sale charges.

However it happened, we don't want this to damage your child's bright future. I'm Matthew Maddox, a juvenile crimes defense lawyer in McKinney, TX. It's my life's work to ensure every one of my clients has the best defense possible when their freedom is at stake.

I will handle the case with empathy for your young person, skillful negotiations with the prosecutor, and a strong, well-crafted defense strategy if the case goes to trial. Call Maddox Law at 972-546-2496.

Experience on Your Side in Juvenile Drug Crimes Cases

Juveniles 16 and under can be charged with the same drug crimes as adults, but the cases are usually heard in juvenile court, not in adult drug court. The most common drug charges we see with young people are:

  • Juvenile drug possession of marijuana, methamphetamines, ecstasy, or cocaine (sometimes heroin)
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, like a Vape Pen with traces of marijuana or THC.
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs, like Xanax, Trimetazidine (also called syrup or lean), and opiates
  • Distribution of drugs, whether this is juvenile drug sale charges for marijuana or freely sharing Ritalin with friends

Working for the Best Possible Outcome in Juvenile Drug Cases

I truly enjoy fighting for my clients in court, but my goal is always to see that you get the best outcome possible. If a young person was caught with drugs and it was just experimentation, then a diversion program, probation or community service could turn a life around.

If the young person has an addiction problem, then getting him or her into a drug treatment program is going to be important. Anyone on probation for a drug crime is going to have to pass random drug tests and attend counseling. It's almost impossible for a person with an active addiction to successfully complete probation.

It can be challenging to find a drug treatment program in Collin County, but I can advise you of available options. I understand the challenge of addiction first-hand and I know people can beat addiction and go on to lead very successful lives. Don't give up hope. I will fight for your second chance.

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