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I am Matthew Maddox of Maddox Law, a family law attorney in McKinney, Texas, who can help you see what really matters when a family conflict has clouded your view. Emotions in family law conflicts can often lead you to want to do what's not in your best interest in the future — because you think you'll feel this way forever. You stop caring about what's best, and instead focus on wanting to move on.

In family law cases, I often tell my clients that it's my job to protect your future rather than atone for your past. If you are having an amicable divorce and are on friendly terms with your spouse, for example, I am an attorney who will protect you from agreeing to something or giving up something just for the sake of wanting it to be over. If I feel that we can go to court and win something for you through litigation, that's the path I would encourage us to take.

Choosing Battles Worth Fighting For To Protect Your Future

I am an experienced, skilled family law litigator who will vigorously fight for you. I am also empathetic, and I understand the emotional toll my clients experience when they are going through a tough time. I will be by your side throughout your entire case to keep you informed and never leave you in the dark. I can help with cases such as:

Because I am a lawyer with a strong academic background and experience at a big law firm, I am confident in educating you on what areas within your case we can win and what fights are likely not going to be won. If emotions make you feel so bad that you don't feel like fighting at all, I will educate you on why a certain issue is worth fighting for, because my job is to protect your future. I help clients see that they're not going to feel this awful forever, and when they feel better, they're not going to want to look back and wish they should have fought harder for their future.

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