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Tasha Griffin Recommends Matthew Maddox

We as a family are so impressed with the Maddox Law Firm, there are not enough words to express our gratitude. My family was facing a legal crisis and had no idea what to do. The magnitude was to us was insurmountable. From the very first call speaking to Angie she was sweet and compassionate, she was confident that we would be in great hands with Matt being our legal representation. We were frighten and confused, we had no where to turn for help. We did not understand the complexity of the legal system. However we found solitude in Maddox Law Firm. Matt and Angie was compassionate, honest, treated us with respect, dignity, gave us a truthful idea of what we were facing any possible out comes good or bad. We were able to ask questions and get truthful responses. Mat and Angie gave us a safe space to process what was happening with out judgement. Matt humanized this process and never made us feel like we were just number, but gave us a voice in which we could respond. Our family could have not made it this far with out them. We are for ever grateful. Choosing Maddox Law Firm 100% made the difference in our future as a family. Matt and Angie are our family now.. Matt has a brilliant legal mind, and Angie is the best thing since hot apple pie. I love them so much.Thank you all, for everything. When we had no one they both were right there every step of the way.

– Tasha Griffin

Trust In The Maddox Law Firm.

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