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Twin brothers face drunk driving charges

Posted by Matthew Maddox | Apr 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

A pair of Texas twin brothers are facing charges of drunk driving after a car accident on Sunday, Apr. 21. Two deputies were attending to a crash on Beltway 8 at Galveston Road when they faced another crash. In the original accident, a 19-year-old woman was killed after her car was hit by a toll road authority vehicle. Her vehicle was already stopped or moving very slowly at the time of the initial crash; the woman was in the passenger seat at the time. The 21-year-old man driving the car and the baby in the car's backseat were taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, as they investigated the initial crash and blocked traffic, the deputies were hit in a second crash by two vehicles driven by twin brothers. The 37-year-old men were driving a pickup truck and a passenger car. Police say that the two drivers caused a crash that led to the pickup truck slamming into the patrol vehicle at the scene of the original incident. They also said that both drivers were intoxicated at the time of the accident. The two men were charged with drunk driving, while one of the brothers was also accused of illegally carrying a weapon.

Both deputies at the scene were taken to the hospital, treated and released. One had head and neck pain after the crash, while the other had an injured ankle. The K-9 police dog in the vehicle was also evaluated and released.

Of course, many DWI cases do not involve injuries of any kind. In some cases, people have even been charged while pulled over. People who are convicted of DWI charges may face long-term consequences, including hefty fines or the loss of their license. A DWI defense attorney can help people facing drunk driving charges to defend themselves and protect their rights.

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