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Texas is 4th Worst State for Drunk Driving Accident Deaths

Posted by Matthew Maddox | Aug 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

Also Top in Drunk Driving Arrests

The auto insurance website just released a report identifying the Top 10 states in the nation with the highest death rates from drunk driving. Unfortunately, the Lone Star State did not fare well.

In the 3-year period of the study, from 2016 through 2018, 5,129 people died in drunk driving accidents across the state. That is a death rate of 7.76 per 100,000 residents, and actually a decline from prior years. 

Who was worse? Mississippi topped the list (8.77), followed by South Carolina (8.40) and New Mexico (7.94). In sheer numbers, though, Texas lost far more lives to drunk driving than any other state on the list. Florida, with a death toll of 2,947, came in a distant second. 

This is a Top 10 list Texas doesn't want to be on, which is why law enforcement is so aggressive at pulling over drivers they suspect are driving drunk or under the influence of drugs. 

Four of the Top 10 cities with the most drunk driving arrests are also located in Texas: Austin, San Antonio, El Paso and Houston. Which city leads the nation in total number of DWI arrests? San Antonio. 

What a DWI Conviction Can Do To Your Insurance Rates

Why is an insurance company issuing this report? Because an increase in your car insurance premium will be one of the consequences of a DWI conviction. According to, just one DWI/DUI charge on your criminal record can cause your insurer to raise your rates by 28% to 371% (80% is average). 

In Texas, the average car insurance policy runs about $1,644. With a first DWI, that average goes up to $2,619 (59%).

You could also find that your insurer company cancels your policy. Most insurance policies are mutual, non-binding agreements, which means either party can terminate the policy at any time for any reason. The auto insurer doesn't want the risk. 

The courts don't notify your insurance company when you've been charged or convicted of a DWI, but if your license issuspended and you want it back, you will need to reactivate your insurance. The insurer will pull your driving record and see the DWI. (If your license isn't suspended, chances are high they will see the DWI on your record when your insurance is up for renewal.)If you've been arrested for drunk driving, don't go down without a fight. Get immediate legal help. With so much at stake, it's worth talking to an experienced DWI defense attorney so you understand your rights and options. Call 972-546-2496 or contact DWI defense attorney Matthew Maddox to talk about your case.

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