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Domestic violence and legal complexities

Posted by Matthew Maddox | Jun 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

In Texas and across the United States, domestic violence is unfortunately a common occurrence. An act of domestic violence takes place when a family member commits a violent act against another person in the household. Harming a child and abusing a spouse are two examples of domestic violence. The legal term applies to any person residing in the same household, including a spouse or an unmarried partner. The sexual orientations of the involved individuals do not matter.

“Spousal abuse” is a commonly used term for domestic violence. An act of domestic violence typically occurs when the victim is physically or psychologically abused in a repetitive way. Sexual assault is a serious crime, but minor offenses are also acts of domestic violence. There are various levels of domestic violence, ranging from minor to severe injuries inflicted on the victim. Another crime pertaining to domestic violence occurs when an abuser disregards a restraining order.

Consequently, any person can easily fall victim to an act of domestic violence. Most cases involve hitting a person or pushing the victim in a violent manner. In some states, it only takes a bruise on the victim's hand or face to constitute a charge of domestic violence. Plus, a person who strikes another household resident may also have to face an assault and battery charge. Prosecuting attorneys frequently ask the juries and judges for strict punishments.

An individual who faces a domestic violence charge may want to consult with a criminal defense attorney right away. Whether the injuries are minor or significant, the abuser may face prison or hefty financial obligations paid to the victim, so it is important to construct a defense strategy to counter the allegations.

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