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Shauna Romo Recommends Matthew Maddox

Not only is the Maddox Law Firm great but are compassionate when it comes to their clients situations. When You have enough to deal with Angie at the office will rest assure you that all will be taken care of when it comes to your case. She stays on top of everything that needs to be done and makes sure you are too. Matt is an honest Attorney and keeps it Real of what the reality of the outcome of your case may be. People need to hear this, not a smoke screen when it comes to how your court cases will be resolved. I know that I was pleased with the work he and his right hand secretary Angie did for my case.I would definitely use him again for what ever legal issues were to come up again for me. Thanks again Matt and Angie. Keep up the Great Work yaw do for everybody.

– Shauna Romo

Trust In The Maddox Law Firm.

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