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Overcoming false accusations of domestic violence

You’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence. Angry family members and spiteful former spouses are often motivated to seek revenge for a perceived injustice. Unfortunately, false accusations are too frequent. Spouses or common law partners often make false domestic violence claims for leverage in a divorce proceeding or another legal action.

Charges of domestic violence are serious, and Texas law applies severe penalties to offenders. Many of the charges are misdemeanors, but these can be elevated to felonies. When arrested for domestic violence, you need to conduct yourself calmly and rationally. Then you need to take the proper steps to set the record straight and clear your name.

Domestic violence crimes

Texas law enforcement takes domestic violence claims very seriously. The laws protect spouses, partners, children, foster children and other people living in a residence against any form of abuse or violence. These are the most common domestic violence charges:

  • Assault and battery
  • Spousal abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Child abuse

You need to collect evidence to prove that these allegations are indeed false. Thus, you should gather witness statements photos, video, letters, emails and social media posts to disprove the claims.

Strategy for disproving the allegations

When defending against false charges, you need to prove that you did not commit the violent act. If there was an altercation, present evidence that you did not attack or harm the person making the claim. If the claimed violent event never occurred, you need evidence to prove what you were doing during the alleged incident.

It’s important to protect your name, reputation and career, so you need to take the appropriate action to deal with false claims. When facing false allegations in court, the accuser must provide evidence and testimony beyond a reasonable doubt. You need to come prepared with convincing evidence to disprove the claim.

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