Making What's Wrong Right Again When You Are Facing Criminal Charges

When you are charged with a crime or you get in trouble with the law, you are likely desperate to know what is going to happen to you. You need reassurance that this will end up OK, or you'd like to know what to expect early on. To achieve this, you need an attorney who you can trust to be your advocate, to be honest in evaluating your case and to never leave you in the dark regarding what may happen.

I am attorney Matthew Maddox of The Maddox Law Firm, and I am passionate about helping people in McKinney, Texas, and the surrounding area who are facing criminal charges. This is reflected in my work, as I offer sincere empathy for your situation and sound, strong legal advice and guidance. I fight for my clients vigorously, because I understand what's at stake.

I can help with:

  • DWI charges and helping you fight Texas' harsh penalties
  • Assault charges and other violent crime charges
  • Theft cases
  • Drug-related charges, including felony drug cases
  • Expungements and nondisclosures

Fighting For Your Freedom And Future

The fear of going to jail can be tremendously distressing. When you're experiencing that, you need an attorney who keeps you in the loop about the process you will be going through and what your chances are at avoiding or lessening jail time or other penalties.

As most criminal cases result in a plea bargain, I take the approach that there's nothing too small to fight about. Even if something sounds like a great result, I try to get an even better result for you. Protecting your future is my No. 1 priority, because winning means keeping you as free as possible.

Contact Me Immediately To Learn How I Can Help You

Some people wish they had hired a lawyer who fought a little harder for them. You will never have that regret when you hire me to defend you. I am easy to reach, responsive, always prepared and will never dismiss any concerns you may have. Call The Maddox Law Firm at 972-546-2496 or visit my contact page.