Ensuring Every Detail Is Addressed In Your Case

When I became licensed to practice law 21 years ago, I was hired by a large, prominent Texas law firm. After exploring different paths, in 2009 I founded The Maddox Law Firm in McKinney and decided to exclusively focus on criminal defense and family law.

Those two areas give me the most opportunity to help people who are struggling through a tough time. I bring my experience from a large law firm and my strong academic record to my practice to offer smart, thoughtful legal representation, while also empathizing with my clients — regardless of the amount of emotional turmoil they may be going through.

What's different about me as a lawyer is I shared many of the same life experiences as my clients — including having had my own personal struggles with alcohol and drugs. I can identify with what you are going through and the struggles you are trying to overcome. At my law firm, you are not just a number or a case — you are a human being.

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Protecting Your Future And Your Freedom

My motto for family law is that I am here to protect your future, and for criminal defense and criminal law I am here to protect your freedom.

As shown through my strong academic background in graduating at the top of my law class with the highest honors and having been awarded seven American Jurisprudence awards, I have a deep understanding of criminal and family law and how it applies to your life. I employ exhaustive preparation into every case to ensure every detail is addressed to put you in the strongest chance of a positive outcome. That's how I was trained in a big law firm, and that's the kind of service you can expect at my firm. No detail is too small for me to overlook.

I am known for letting my clients know right away what they may be up against, and what we may be able to do to remedy the situation. Let me take the burden off your shoulders, fight for your freedom and protect your future.

You Are Worth Fighting For

My clients appreciate that I am responsive, easy to reach, easy to talk to, that I explain things in plain English and that I am persuasive in the courtroom. I am well-prepared: If I can beat a case before it even starts, I will do that. If I know we can go to court and win something that you originally thought you would have to give up, we will not let that chance go.

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